• Find defects that matter

    Our tools localize, characterize and repair electrical faults — defects that directly affect device yield, performance or reliability.

    Find defects that matter
  • Strong & growing

    Deloitte ranked DCG Systems 10th in the semiconductor category, growing nearly 350% from 2008 to 2012.

    Strong & growing
  • Innovative technology

    Our products help engineers determine the root cause of electrical issues quickly and accurately. Our technology developments enable yours.

    Innovative technology
  • Application focused

    Foundries, fabless and integrated device manufacturers rely on DCG Systems for technology development, design debug, and yield engineering.

    Application focused
  • Announcing the nProber II

    Our nanoprobing system characterizes transistors and interconnects in semiconductor devices manufactured at advance design nodes.

    Announcing the nProber II

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About DCG Systems, Inc.
We design and manufacture equipment that enables localization and characterization of electrical faults in integrated circuits, packages and board assemblies. DCG Systems are used worldwide throughout the electronics product life cycle to support technology development, yield engineering and failure analysis.

CEO Israel Niv, Ph.D